Octoparse: An Effective Web Extracting Tool – Semalt Expert

Web scraping is a very effective tool for both web searchers and corporations that try to find a bulk of information online from various websites, such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay automatically. Octoparse is a great scraping software program that offers its users some great packages to collect data and turn it into visual files like HTML, Excel, and TXT. The following are some great options offered by Octoparse:

Extracts Data from Dynamic Web Pages

Octoparse is an easy-to-use tool that helps users extract content from the website. It works with dynamic web pages, including scraping data with pagination. Moreover, its cloud service can get and store huge amounts of data.

Gathers Hidden Data from the Website

In several cases web searchers are looking to find specific data from web pages, but they can't find the needed info, because of a website complexity or for any other reason. Octoparse can find and extract all the hidden content.

Gets Content with Infinite Scrolling

Scraping data with infinite scrolling can be a challenging task. Web searchers need to scroll down to the bottom of every page of websites they visit to load more text or images. Contents will get loaded continuously as they scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Octoparse can help users to extract all the hyperlinks posted on a certain website. In fact, it provides users with a simple way to automate hundreds of IPs, and at the same time, it offers a number of advanced options, like Ajax Timeout, built-in XPath tool, etc. Also, Octoparse can crawl the data for web searchers with specific requests and successfully deliver the structured data.

Divides Tasks

For users, it's better to divide their tasks, in case the internet cuts off. Instead of getting their data from the very beginning, they can separate a certain task into two projects.

With Octoparse, web users can do a lot of things, like opening a certain web page, logging into an account, download images, entering a text and many more. Octoparse also provides its users with the advanced mode to help them deal with more complicated data. For example, to use this mode, users need to drag and drop the blocks inside the operating system designer to configure the various tasks. The smart mode provides users with the option to turn any web page automatically into Excel with just pressing one button. Actually, this mode works excellently on the table of list pages, such as search results or category pages.